Art of your mind is an interactive art program that introduces you to the fascinating world of fine art through a selection of engaging presentations. No prior experience is needed. This mind-opening program combines art history and art appreciation into one hour of active observation. It challenges your brain and re-energizes your creativity. You can customize your experience by choosing from a variety of age groups and grade levels.

Aside from being mind-enriching, art is also proven to be beneficial for your health. In fact, many experts believe that it has the potential to help your brain function better and resist illnesses such as dementia. Creating art is a great way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

When you look at art, you stimulate areas of the brain that are associated with emotions, such as pleasure, joy and flow. Some studies have even linked art and mindfulness. These are the parts of the brain that automatically trigger the contemplative aspects of our brain.

Taking in art also boosts the release of a chemical known as dopamine, a chemical that is responsible for boosting concentration, drive and resisting impulses. Dopamine is the body’s natural antidepressant. Creating art can boost dopamine levels as well.

Research conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, found that people who create visual art exhibit an increase in the amount of dopamine in their brains. The brain can produce dopamine through activities such as exercising, learning a new language, playing music or making art. Studies have also shown that art therapy can be used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

While a number of studies have explored the links between art and cognitive health, it is still unclear whether the benefits of art are specific to art or to the process of creating it. However, a recent survey suggests that artistic activities are a likely contributor to the development of emotion regulation strategies, which are becoming increasingly popular as a means of coping with stress and maintaining mental wellness.

Creative activities can also promote the growth of neurons and improve overall brain functioning. These improvements have been cited as an important component of a healthy lifestyle, as they can be used to fight maladies such as anxiety, sleep problems, and memory impairment.

Besides helping you think of a problem and solving it, an activity like art can provide you with a sense of achievement. This sense of accomplishment can help you manage your feelings of inadequacy and stress. As you complete your first small artwork, your self-esteem will also rise. And as you keep creating, you will also continue to experience that feeling of gratification.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, a bit of fine art is sure to boost your mood. It can help you escape the stress of daily life and allow you to reconnect with yourself. Regardless of your skill level, a simple thirty-five minute stroll around a gallery can have a relaxing effect.